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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Who me?

So, this naughtie Rottie jumped over my fence yesterday and into the back yard where it is rather overgrown.  I had no idea she was there.  I called her and called her and then I started to panic.  She doesn't bark or anything when I call her, unlike my Samoyed.  I then proceeded to spend the next 30 to 45 minutes canvassing the neighborhood looking for her.
I guess I was at my wits end and called my ex-fiance to tell her the dog escaped again.  That damn dog can climb chain link fences too.  My ex was concerned, but still relatively calm.  She asked if the cat was around, and I said "yes".  She then said that's strange, because the Rott would chase the cat every chance she had.  Then she asked if the Samoyed barked.  I said no, and again she thought this was weird, because when the Rottie breaks out, the Samoyed goes nuts.  Finally, she asked if I had checked the back yard.  I told her I did glance over the wall, but that place is so overgrown and she and I did "kind of" seal up any possible way to get back there, so I didn't think she was there.  My ex then told me to check anyway, and lo and behold guess who was rummaging around in the bushes!
I then proceeded to give her a hose down, (my dogs are spoiled, they get warm showers in the house) to punish her.  Then, chained her ass up (again, they are spoiled and rarely chained up) and left her outside for a couple of hours.  Think she learned her lesson.  When I brought her back in to give her a shower, she leaned on me for reassurance.  How can I stay mad???  What a smart, sweet dog.
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